Steve Gets a Blog!

Yes, it’s true…

Sheesh!   What’s next?   First it was Twitter accounts for GRC and me (@GibsonResearch and @SGgrc respectively) and now blogs for both?  Hmmmmmmmm.  But fear not, the world as we know it is not coming to an end.  er… or at least not for this reason (there’s always the annoyance of the random massive asteroid.)

But no, there does appear to be a method to my madness:

It all began with my wanting some means for letting people follow along with the development of the CryptoLink VPN product, which will be GRC’s next major offering (see the GRC Corporate News blog for additional information about CryptoLink). My plan is to deliberately take a development path that will quickly create a useful and workable product, rather than waiting until the end to have something finished. This approach will allow me to get feedback from early adopting users all along the way, will involve CryptoLink’s users by giving them an active say in the shape of the final product, and won’t make everyone wait years for a totally finished product. (My plan is to add a lot of features, but to do it incrementally with a large number of releases.)

But that approach meant that I needed to have some good means for communicating to an audience larger than the interested subset of people who hang out in the GRC newsgroups.

Another completely separate motivation for these blogs was that GRC’s own eMailing list had grown so ridiculously large (793,975 members at the time of this writing) that it had become impossible for me to send anything out through it without it being instantly shut down for eMail spamming the Internet.

So I figured that if I were to create Twitter accounts I would be able to send out news of updates, and anyone wanting to keep track of what was happening with GRC and me could subscribe to receive notices of updates to this blog. So GRC’s eleven year old eMailing system will soon be migrated to a modern blog-based model.

• Subscribing to this personal blog…
If you are curious to know more about what’s going on with me — a more “behind the scenes” view — you can subscribe to this personal blog (see subscription field in the upper right of this page) to be notified whenever I have posted anything here. You can also “follow” my personal twitterings (tweets) through Twitter at @SGgrc.

• Subscribing to GRC’s Corporate News blog…
For purely GRC work-related information and updates, you can subscribe to the GRC Corporate News blog (at to receive notices of any updates I post there. You can also “follow” my GRC work on Twitter at @GibsonResearch.

So, if you should choose to tag along, I think we’re going to have a LOT of fun! And, either way, thank you so much for your interest and support of GRC and of my efforts here.

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142 Responses to Steve Gets a Blog!

  1. CVi says:

    Nice Blog, I’m personally not a fan of WordPress, but it is a good beginners platform.

    • Steve Gibson says:

      Mostly, I wanted something that would just serve the need, be fast to setup and not be a huge project (I already have plenty of huge projects). Leo had suggested “Square-something-or-other”, which I checked out, but it seemed way too complex and overkill. I just want somewhere for me to easily write longer “things” than Twitter affords so that an interested community can optionally subscribe and follow along if they’d like to. 🙂 For all of those reasons, I think this is just about perfect.

      • CVi says:

        SquareSpace yeah, it is a bit overkill…
        As i said, WordPress is a great beginners product, but security wise it is not the best (or worst for that matter)
        But it is the most popular one.

        • wisd0m says:

          Security is important, but not now. This is a personal blog hosted off site. How much damage can really be done? You need to look at the risk before getting too worried.

          Also, using wordpress is great for iPhone/iPod Touch users. wordpress automatically deleviers a iPhone/iPod friendly version.

          Thanks for keeping us updated Steve.

          • CVi says:

            Mr. Steve “Security Now” Gibson?
            I’d think he would be paranoid.

            But as i said it is not insecure, just not “very secure”.

            • Steve Gibson says:

              “Paranoid”? Well, no. “Vigilant”, well sorta. The point that the blogs are not being hosted at GRC was a big one for me. I would just never be comfortable hosting someone else’s large system of code (involving SQL and PHP) on a machine within GRC’s inner sanctum network. I considered various types of isolation, but we come to the whole issue of “value added”… and there’s just very little that I want or have to add to a basic blogging system. You say (earlier) that WordPress is nice for “beginners”, but I’d suggest that, rather, it’s perfect when that’s all you need. And… it’s all I need.

              The HUGE benefit is that I’m up and blogging and we’re having conversation threads… and I needed to do next to nothing. That’s HUGE. 🙂

              DO I wish it were perfectly written and absolutely free of a past history of vulnerability problems? Well, sure, of course. But am I paranoid about it? Nope.
              Steve's Sig

              • CVi says:

                I think it boils down to one thing, We see those words differently :p

                The word would be “careful+++”
                I would have said +VAT but no one outside Norway gets that one.

                And beginner would be “basic” or “fundamental”

                But then again, I’m a networking guy, and i se SQL solutions to everything (PostgreSQL mostly)

                • Jeff says:

                  I am a fan from way way back, but unless your living OFF the grid, it is kinda a moot point really. If anyone wants to know what I am up to, lol they would be surprised to find out I am a fan of “The World’s End” movie…

        • BigPete says:

          WordPress blogs render nicely on mobile devices. I think wp was a good choice.

          I look forward to your updates Steve!

      • James Flavin says:

        Hello Steve.

        Greetings from the South-East of Ireland !!!

        I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to your tale of The Portable Dog Killer. I usually listen to the Security Now podcasts when I am driving and this time was no different except for the fact that I had my mother’s dog Jack along for the ride too. He’s sitting in the front passenger seat looking out the window and I am laughing out loud as you recount your antics. I saw him give me one or two funny looks as if to say “What’s so funny?” – If only he knew !

        Anyway, best of luck with your blog and Twitter.


  2. Daniel says:

    Mobile version looks great! I’m sure WP will do just fine. Looking forward to follow this blog!

  3. Bob Lindner says:


    I’m glad to see you’ve started a blog. As a loyal Security Now listener I’m looking forward to the additional long-form content from you! Thanks for all that you do.


  4. nascent says:

    Wow it’s cool to see you leaping forward with the social improvements we’ve had since email, hehe.
    My only worry for you is the problem of having to moderate and deal with spam on this and your corporate blog. Can get quite time consuming.

  5. Marc Couture says:

    Good to see you blogging, always looking forward to your SN show with Leo Laporte. Now, you’ll need some catagories for your posts… 😉

  6. Hey Steve, welcome to blogging! One recommendation I have is to use to “burn” your RSS feed. Feedburner gives you some great stats about your feed.

  7. Anthony Headley says:

    Steve, I’m glad you took the pre-made route to publish this blog, while I’m sure you are more then capable of creating a blog from scratch, it would be just another project taking you away from the real money makers.

    A future topic for discussion that I’m sure many others would like to read about is what steps you take to “secure” your instance of WP, and what other considerations you made with your choice.

    Anyway , welcome to blogging and my Google reader is pointing in your direction.

  8. Umair says:

    I am very excited that you are blogging. I hope writing here makes you to more open to the idea of writing an autobiography some day (another retirement project perhaps?). Many people would love to read Feynman-esque adventures from your life, a glimpse of which they got through the “portable dog killer”.

  9. Scrib says:

    Steve, I listen to Security now on my iPod whilst walking to work. The ‘Personal dog killer’ episode made me laugh out lowly a few times and I got some strange looks as I giggled away. It was a really funny story with a great moral.

    The moral of the story was spot on! And I totally agreed with the idea that you should have a project in mind when trying to learn a programming language. I’ve found that sometimes coming up with a project can be hard enough in its self. But I guess writing ‘hello world’ on the screen is a start, then just add to it. Make the ‘Hello world’ dance, make it sing, just develop it.

  10. Phil Boccia says:

    Hey Steve,
    Glad to see your new blogs are up! I look forward to reading any new posts, via
    my SkyNET network – muahaha!! 😉

    I welcome my new Overlord!


  11. rlocone says:

    Thanks Steve for joining us in the Blogging World so to speak! It’s been a pleasure following you & your accomplishments over the years. Thanks for providing us valuable information. Keep up the good work, GO STEVE……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jose C Gomez says:

    Hey Steve,
    Glad you’ve made this move. I love SN and all of the things you’ve done. I find your Assembly programming to be radical but I love how passionate you are about it. I use wordpress myself, and have already set up a link to both your blogs from there. Thanks for doing a great job and for caring so much. I am sure you are aware that wordpress has significant problems with security from time to time, although if you are having them host it I don’t see that being a terrible problem. The plugins are awesome, although will increase the flaws as you well know.
    Thanks again Steve and I look forward to reading you.

  13. Konrad says:

    Welcome to social over-connected-ness! I’m curious why you opted for hosted wordpress as opposed to self hosted (although I’d wager security and maintenance had something to do with it)! 🙂

    Either way, great to see you blogging and tweeting, looking forward to reading more.

    • Steve Gibson says:

      I’d have LOVED to do my own blogging system… but given everything else that I have going on that just made NO sense. And I wasn’t comfortable with loading a huge system of someone else’s code — including SQL and PHP — into my internal network. And… WordPress was just all ready to go. I tihnk it’s going to be just fine! 🙂

      Thanks for your note!

      • phil boccia says:

        Well, after you’re done with your few projects, you know you’ll have to do SOMETHING to keep from being bored, so go write some lean mean robust code for a blogging system. It’ll probably take you all of 4 minutes to write. (Its the documentation that gets ya!) 😉

      • JC mainland Brah says:

        Question after reading the first post and this one……..

        you picked WP because write PHP secure take a long time by yourself….i also send lots of over flow issue for hackers to get into your DB

        picking WP is a good way to get started… can do things to secure it some what, right????….but important this is all coding is done which save time….most import lol is Steve is blogging \ (*.*) /

  14. BuZain says:

    Welcome to blogging Steve 🙂

  15. Ace says:

    Welcome to the modern world, Steve! Great to see your newly fangled blog, I subscribed to it immediately. I’m a religious Security Now! listener, it’s the first podcast on my listening list every week, followed by Paul Thurrott’s Windows Weekly. I’m sure this blog will become one of my frequently visited online venues.

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to more Steve-stuff 🙂

    A loyal SN-listener

  16. Fausto Cepeda says:

    Its so nice to have u aroound here Steve. now there are 2 blogs that I will read: Schneiers and yours. And the Twitter account is such a great idea! Im seeing this blog in Firefox and the back-color is red and I cant read the text nice and easy, would u change the color? Welcome Steve, I dont miss any of the SecurityNow podcasts!!! Greetings.

  17. Kevin says:


    FYI, not sure if you’re using the WP interface for your posts but I highly recommend checking out Window’s Live Writer – It offers a nice, clean GUI and has many nice features. Best of all it allows you to schedule posts if you have a day where you want to get ahead on your writing.

    Any hoot, I’ve been a SN listener since episode one, Spin Rite owner and enjoy all of the free apps including Shields UP! that you so generously offer to the public.

    Kevin in Louisiana

  18. jeff says:

    I’ll be a reader.

    Just listened to the 5/13 episode of Security Now. Your reference to the 555 timer brought back good memories of my high school years in the early 70’s. I too was big-time into electronics, TTL logic, the whole thing. My dad even bought a used PDP-8/L that I programmed and built peripherals for.

  19. Paul says:

    WordPress is tremendously powerful despite the naysayers. It’s light years ahead of the days of Frontpage and has powerful skinning (themes) and plugins to effectively add snippets of code or the equivalent of Firefox Plugins. Plus, with PHP and CSS tinkering, you can bring it up with the best of sites on the web.

    But, as to security, here are my favorite means of helping to bar the gates, via some great plugins that make the site securer. They follow:

    1) Chap Secure Login (encrypts password without SSL! Not as robust, obviously, but a cool method to help keep your login private.)
    Note: I’d love to see a SN episode on what clever thing this is doing!

    2) Really Simple CAPTCHA (for helping minimize comment spam)

    3) WordPress Firewall Blocks outsider requests to change the site (ip based)

    4) WP Security Scan Exposes to you basic configuration flaws chmod permissions, .htaccess files missing, etc.

    Steve, I think a post on WordPress security and listening to other talk about its pros and cons, good security plugins of their own… would be right up your alley for the blog.

    From a SN listener since pre-day one/S.R. owner… Thanks for all you do.

    P.S. The user agent great browser privacy giveaway and: from eff is a huge security leak concern you might consider devoting a SN program to.

  20. Facebook gives us such a great wealth of interactivity for FREE. I am a Milton Friedman/Ayn Rand Capitalist, I must state this so you can understand where I am coming from. No one is holding a gun to my head, or making me join through edict or the cohesive power of a soft tyranny. I have joined Facebook, freely and understand that while inside this domain my presence may be exploited for monetary gain. Good. Something has to be legitimately paid for in this pirated world. I don’t download illegal copies of SpinRite (or hand copies out to friends and family – too easy) I bought mine, as I buy my Blue Ray movies, and DVD’s from the evil Walmart. And pay through the nose for my ever overheated, Mac Pro. — In a land (USA) of increasing socialism, I plead that Capitalism is the most free (liberty), the most fair and the greatest thing to happen to humans, since the discovery of fire. – 🙂

    • Jan Hertsens says:

      Wow, way to go to, dragging politics into a technology blog.
      It is certainly your right to be a good serv, and consume everything without question. We need plenty of those. So please, fill out another credit card application, but don’t poke a people who think giving kids medical care is more important than executive bonuses.

      Getting this back on topic: Steve and Leo’s point is not that FB was benefiting from my data. It’s that they are being sneaky about it.

  21. Edmond says:

    Well done welcome to the blogging & twitter world, thanks for your show…

  22. Loyal SN listener since episode one here in Scotland.. Great you have a blog – I read all your reasons for choosing Wpress and it just makes sense for your situation!
    Look forward to reading this often. Wow GRC really has moved into the 21st Century and better for it! Look forward to your 2010 BIG PROJECT! Great work Steve!

  23. Max Smith says:

    Listening to Steve’s concerns about installing MySQL got me thinking if there is a way to create a databaseless blog. A quick search found this which lists 7 databaseless CMS systems. Has anyone tried these or have reasons why such an implementation is inferior to WP, Blogger or SquareSpace?

  24. Tom says:

    I must be doing something wrong?

    The blog comes up as deep red background and black text. ( is black on blue)

    I can barely read it.

    Am I missing where I can change the view?


  25. creig speed says:


    A way to hook straight into my mom’s computer especially and other friends who know less than I do, which is a challenge, would be a time,money,travel,frustration in the red with those let’s get on the phone and I’ll try to help ya, saver that the only excuse to get out of the one’s I can now is ,I don’t have GOTO office or home or any of those other hook into your main desktop from any laptop. I would be so very gratefull.

    Creig Speed

    • Kevin says:

      Try It’s free for non-commercial use and it is fabulous. I use it to remote into my desktop when I’m away from home, to support family and friends and even from my Mac to my main machine (Windows 7) upstairs when I don’t feel like getting out of my easy chair.


  26. Fredrik says:

    Interesting software you have have looked at spinrite for a while.
    But I haven’t bought it yet, but I might.
    It would be great to have a built in USB harddisk drive support.
    A eraser tool to be able to clean a drive before returning for warant.
    File / directory recovery you probably doesn’t want everything 😉

    Keep up the good work, and solving problems.

  27. Hey Steve,

    Can you elaborate on the PDF reader you mentioned on Security Now Episode 251… Downloader (which one exactly) and ‘IAnnotate PDF’ I assume is the other.. Something to keep in mind for @ SGPad posts which of the many similar named apps is the one you like…

    I too am reading tons of PDF’s and have similar needs to your and curious what these will improve over GoodReader…

    Security is a process, not a product, if you think you are secure… Just wait until the next splot is out…

    Security is like breathing… If you stop… You die (John Pezzo 2002)

  28. Welcome to the fast moving world of WordPress and it’s updates, Steve. I’ve been using it since 1.5 and the next version, 3.0, promises to be the normal sea change in security and usability that I’ve become accustomed to.
    As you know, there’s no such thing as 100% secure, constant vigilance is the answer. Appropriately set up, I think WordPress is as good as anything, and by far the easiest way for a newbie to set up a website, and publish, which is the name of the game after all.

    I’ve been checking you out and using your tools since way before OptOut. I use your site as a quick route to a random 63 char generator for WPA router security, say.

    However, even though I’d registered several times for your emailing list, I never got a single email! 😦 At least now I can keep up with then words of the wise, so thanks for making the switch.


  29. Jason says:

    Great to see your blog. I am enjoying it but I have to mention that the colors are literally unreadable by me. I have to highlight the text before I can read it. Hopefully this is something you can correct soon.

    Thanks. Keep up the great posts.

    • Tom says:


      Had the same problem at first… I commented above and the next day it was fine.
      I thought that Steve had been playing with funky colors and then went back to white.

      Might it be a way of nagging you until you register?


  30. Steve, I have been getting the run around but have learned much in the five years that odd things have been occuring. Microsoft is no help, etc. Who can is speak to to get strait answers? I bought a new Lenovo and good luck to folks trying to do inspections and searches on Windows 7. After 50 case numbers at Microsoft they have hardly any records on me. Through 2 hollogrammed XP Home SP2 replacement disks and a freebie XP Professional that all say (Not for OEM or retail use) What is left – MSDN. I saw what looks like my original retail box on wiki that said XP Home Pro (a vista beta release) . It was gone the next day. My fingers hurt from screen prints of clues. I usually get redirected and want to see what the true internet is. Not China’s or Russia’s. I am a finance professional and have had to learn on my own what is happening. I see now after reading Dr Honeycutt’s book on Windows XP registry that MS lied that the $CHICAGO$ I saw on all installs was nothing. Three month ago I said that I had to buy a new laptop with Windows 7 to forget what is making me crazy- XP.
    It will be years before I can relax on a computer and not checking all the little things like – Desktop.htm . My luck would have that the new boxed laptop had things were done to camera and audio, etc on December 25, 2009 at 4:00 am. (Old habits die hard) I assume it was Randy Fry’s Christmas present and he could not wait due to the excitement. So he worked on it at 4 am and called in the registration to the manufacturer. I purchased it new in March 2010. I have used the reset button twice because it now has $CHICAGO$ default local user and is slow as molasses with the pifs. I spoke to Lenovo and asked why scan at support showed I was running 6.2 (I don’t get any respect said Rodney Dangerfield). I don’t even get a 7. Maybe trojans are targeting ex mortgage loan officers. Don’t blame me! Look at secondary marketing. Also the laptop one key rescue won’t go back further than the day Frys registered it. Why?? I think and have commented many times on MSDN forums that they provide far too much info that could be used maliciously. Power Shell!! I ought to feel proud. I maybe was an unknowing guinea pig for Longhorn or Whistler or Vista. Finally why is everything in XP based on remote usage. (Seems unsafe by looking at the dependencies of RPC) . Give the layman a break. I finally see that I am better off turning off Windows Update. The system is my arch enemy (actually you can be in a domain in xp home- of the system. System quit moving my clock up 6 hours. I know now not to change it back and ruin system restore. Many users have the same issues – they just didn’t get a spoof eBay website rip them off for $12,000 (covered by unnamed bank) to make me much more observant. I leave no more in account and am more worried that hidden non plug and play video capture “legacy devices” are making a hit show in China called “The Dumb American”. Get Jim Carrey for it not me. Please give me advice. I need to ask Sting why he named a song “Ghost in the machine”. I believe I know now. I want to end this nightmare so I can challenge Bobby Fisher to a game of chess. Not!! austexjam

    • Karl Hungus says:

      You say it all John, I have been suffering the same problems for years. Hopefully Mr. Gibson can give us hope.

  31. Geo Meek says:

    I have no idea what went wrong did i miss something? Is giving me ” We’re sorry, but the page you requested was not found.”

  32. Alexander says:

    Hey Steve, if you don’t want to wait forever for a Firefox restart because of your numerous tabs take a look at “BarTab”. It’s an add-on that prevents your tabs reloading on a restart until you need them (when you click on them). Should speed things up for you when firefox updates.

  33. Jeff says:

    Great to see you have your own blog now Steve! Wanted to compliment you on all the great work you do and say thank you for the Security Now! podcast with Leo. Been listening since almost day one.

    I’m not sure how others feel but I personally would love to hear more stories about how you’ve gotten to where you are now. Episode #248 was great!

  34. It seems half the net is turning on this guy, unfortunately, he shares your name. Some folks are making assumptions and relating it to you, as seen in the comments below the article.


  35. Kurt says:

    Portable Dog Killer, I can’t stop listening to this – hilarious!

    My dad recently passed and listening to this podcast really keeps my moods positive.


  36. Jacob says:

    Hello everybody

    I’m a new fan of your pod casts and I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done and still doing regarding security . I’m a computer technician and I enjoy listening to you pod cast in the way back to my home . I’ve taken the Shield up test and I got TrueStealth Pass in the first three tests : Sharing , Common Ports and All ports thanks to Linux Ubuntu I decided to use after all frustration with different versions of windows .

    I wonder if you have ever done an episode about security issues and precautions regarding torrents download .

  37. rsn says:

    In your website you have mentioned about closing the ports 80,21,23.How to close these ports in win xp sp2.

    Warn Regards

  38. Jeffrey Latten says:

    I have a question about whether SpinRite can resolve a problem I have. Specifically, the disk is a boot disk for a windows XPPro SP2 system, and when I try to run a chkdsk (after a reboot) the error message says “cannot access locked volume” or words to that effect and then bypasses the chkdsk and boots up normally. The computer seems to run normally, I can defrag the disk without errors, but the chkdsk will not work. Also, I continue to get this error message every time I boot up, whether or not I’ve initiated a chkdsk in the properties/disk tools section. I have run chkdsk from the recovery console and it works, but the problem above persists. I tried installing SP3 (which I don’t particularly care for) and it did not change anything except I found my unit freezing more, whereupon I removed SP3. I also ran a ‘repair reinstall’ and that did not help either.

    Can you offer any help here? I would certainly appreciate your take on this.

    Thanks for your time,

    Jeffrey Lattten

  39. Jeff says:

    long time fan, think i used a 9.6 baud or was it 3.3 or 33, maybe 56k lol
    about time u came out of your cave. lol man.

  40. jon moneymaker says:

    After listening to the Death Ray episode I saw on google news about a mysterious rocket launch somewhere near Los Angeles…..
    and based on what I heard….I thought…”Is that steve?” LOL…..(couldn’t resist).


  41. Damien Treacy says:

    Hi Steve,

    I purchased SpinRite V6.0 last week and I’m having problems with it.
    I’m trying to restore bad sectors on a 1TB Western Digital Green SATA Drive but I get the Division Overflow Error.
    My PC is a Dell Dimension 5150 with Intel Controller ICH7
    SATA Operations in the BIOS is set to RAID autodetect / ATA. The other setting is RAID ON. RAID Autodetect / ATA means that if it can’t detect RAID then is uses ATA

    There is no other setting to set the SATA drive to Legacy IDE” or “Legacy Operation” or “Compatibility Mode”.

    I also boot the PC to Windows 98 SE Boot CD and run SpinRite exe from another CD.
    I’m still receiving the same error.

    I’ve also notified your tech support.

    Damien Treacy

  42. Josh Sanderson says:

    Have you been following this story about the IPSec stack in OpenBSD (and many subsequent variants derived from this popular codebase) having backdoors and side channel key leaking mechanisms embedded in the code around 2000-2001 by programmers (Jason Wright was mentioned) at the direction of the FBI?

    I find it hard to believe that after 10 years – publicly available source code could have never had flaws of this type discovered in code review. So maybe, and hopefully, this is FUD for Snopes to pick up on.



  43. Dennis Duffner says:

    Hey Steve!

    What’s your take on the RSA hack story? I just read about it from SANS and thought that you might have some additional insights.

    This looks like it is going to be messy.

  44. Mark says:


    Any more word about your interview on that major network morning show?

  45. Johnnydollar2 says:

    THANKS once again For Security Now Podcasts. And especially the six different ways to present them. It came in handy last episode when you both mentioned the Firefox add on “Certificate patrol” I couldn’t remember what it was the next day, BUT! you also provide the TEXT scripts of the podcasts. Great stuff, I was able to quickly scan for the name and it’s on my Add-ons now. Thanks once again for teaching us all things security based.

  46. Roderick says:

    Just want to say thanks for all the hard work and information.

    Just added YubiKey to my LastPass account to show support for both products what I would not have know about otherwise.

  47. @hexhead says:

    Just listened to your latest response to the question of the battery capacitors. I think the company in Texas was snuffed out by the big battery companies, in order to protect there business. What do you think? Just remember what happened to Big loss for us!

  48. O. Orson says:

    I discovered something during the last couple of years I would have never believed if I’d been told and didn’t have personal experience.

    I figured out a system that could end email spam (actually, kill all illegal spam but allow optional user defined spam). So I searched for such as Microsoft’s captcha and other’s methods to make sure mine was unique. I took into account such as fake addressing of emails, botnets, zombies, hiring cheap labour and, when I was certain none of those applied, I attempted to communicate. (Bottom line, it doesn’t matter if it works or not or if the industry would agree to put it in, what counts is communication.)

    I wrote over 70 emails, faxes and registered letters to people I thought would be interested in an email spam solution or, by job definition, were obliged to be interested.

    I wrote multiple times to each to ensure it couldn’t be claimed “It slipped through the cracks.”

    Out of the 70+ the result was one erroneous response and one pass the buck response.

    Here’s key elements of my guest list:

    President Obama,
    The Whitehouse,
    Homeland Security (department and chief),
    FTC (chief and legal chief),
    FBI (2 departments and the chief),
    White Collar Crimes Centre (multiple-spam reporting addresses),
    Two senators who had attempted to pass anti-email spam bills,
    Chief of Symantec,
    Bill Gates when he was CEO,
    All the people who spoke on behalf of the president on the “Stay Safe On Line”, White House produced video asking the public to take responsibility for cyber crime to join in on cyber security action and reporting.
    The Chairman of the anti-email spam annual conference.
    Three computer security reporters for magazines.

    As far as I’m concerned with all the talking going on about cyber crime from the above (and noting most of them have position objectives on cyber crime including the President) the apathy is beyond stunning, in the government it seems to be endemic.

    Seriously, the President has made cyber crime a key objective of his government and thrown hundreds of millions at it. I have heard him sitting at his White House desk responding to ”13 year old Jenny’s” comments on medical care yet, given a possibility to end spam email (partially achieving one of his key objectives), and it’s not even worth an acknowledgement.

    The FBI and Homeland Security must read every email as any of those may include terrorist information. So my emails must be read and deleted. Based on what? And do they use the same arbitrary system for actioning terrorist threats?

    To me, it’s a little scary.

  49. Brad Lee says:

    Steve, I’ve been a fan of yours for a while since when I bought your spinrite product to save a few hard drives on my computers. But I’ve been waiting for the 6.1 or better version for almost 5 years! With more motherboards going sata without legacy IDE overrides in the BIOS, I’m increasingly finding your product marginalized and unusable. Also seems that you’ve moved on to more reporting (I do like the Security Now broadcasts and have learned a lot!) and have forsaken your software fans. Will any help be forthcoming???

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  55. Whelan says:

    Bruce, I see the email address on the support page, but you missed that then you may have also missed something relevant in the FAQ documents, so those would probably be a better place to start.
    ( If you do end up sending an email, ask about the status of version 6.1 just for a giggle 🙂 )

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  57. Anyone know if Steve is still around? No blogs or info on projects since 2010?

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    the other prob is the cursers i make useing the tools in director work fine but when i compile the game & run it on the desktop the colors dont look right i think it is a color pallet prob even transparency of the hand cursors edges of the cursor look jagged. i tryed to pay a director expert but he wanted $100 and hr . so i could not pay that .. Thank you for your time & i love the shows and your show keep up the good work. a 47 yr old geek wanting to bring his game , and story to the world . can you guys help

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